My name is Bob Hunt. I am a Catholic. I embrace fully the faith and morals of the Catholic Church and try to live by them, failing often and miserably. I have studied and taught the Catholic faith to everyone from pre-schoolers to retirees for 40 years now, as a CCD teacher, RCIA team member, teacher in a Catholic school, Adult Faith Formation instructor and homeschooling father.
By vocation, I am a husband and father. Married for 30 years and the father of three daughters, many of my concerns revolve around the effort to be a faithful Catholic as a family man.
My educational background includes an undergraduate degree in History and in Philosophy, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Diploma in Nursing.
By profession, I am a Registered Nurse. Most of my 26-year career has been in pediatrics.
As I said on my welcome page, my primary hope for this blog is that it will serve as a ministry of prayer. Please feel free to share your needs and concerns, and I will raise them up to the Lord in prayer when I pray morning prayer, the rosary, or attend daily or Sunday Mass.  I invite my readers to do the same. I will pray for you. I ask your prayers for me. We can pray for each other.

Unless otherwise cited, all materials that appear on this blog are original to the blogger, Bob Hunt.