Thoughts on Immigration, Part 4

There’s been a lot of controversy over immigration sanctuaries, sanctuary cities, sanctuary states, and sanctuary churches.  I have just a few thoughts on the matter.

First, I don’t see any rationale in the federal government, or even state or city governments, expending resources on hunting down and deporting illegal immigrants who are here to better their lives, who are working and contributing to their communities, and who are simply trying to get by.  There needs to be a process in place for these people to gain full citizenship without fear of exposing themselves to deportation.  People who have been here for years and proven themselves as hard-working, up-standing citizens deserve to prove themselves as full citizens of a country they’ve obviously come to love and respect.  Whatever cities, states, and churches can do to afford them protection against overzealous deportation officials is fine with me.

Not so with those illegal immigrants, or even legal immigrants, who have a record of breaking the law, especially those who’ve committed violent crimes.  Anyone who has committed a violent crime, or anyone who is associated with a drug cartel or a gang needs to be deported immediately.  The fact that so-called sanctuary cities have harbored and protected these criminals is a dereliction of duty.  One of the primary responsibilities of government, at all levels, is to protect the citizenry from violence.  Offering protection to violent criminals is the opposite of this.  Full cooperation with federal authorities in apprehending, deporting, or imprisoning these criminals is well within the responsibilities of a city or state government.  Churches can do whatever they can to secure due process for violent offenders.  Everyone deserves a fair hearing of their case. But, protecting and allowing violent offenders to roam the streets of our cities is reprehensible.  I have no problem at all with the federal government threatening to withhold funds from these cities until they stop providing sanctuary to violent criminals, drug cartel associates, and gang members.

Be Christ for all.  Bring Christ to all.  See Christ in all.

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