Thoughts on Climate Change

In light of the recent March for Science, the above video provides, in my opinion, a well-balanced take on Climate Change.

I am as confused as anyone over the issue of Climate Change.  I am convinced that the earth is warming.  I’m not yet convinced that the effects will be catastrophic.  It’s difficult to get fair, balanced, and objective information on the matter.  Also, the “science” keeps changing.  For instance, we were told at first that for the last 18 years or so the earth has not warmed at all.  Climate change scientists called this “the pause,” meaning that it only represented a pause in the on-going cycle of a warming earth.  Now, we’re told by these same scientists that “the pause” never occurred, and the earth has continued to warm over the last 18 years.  So, which is it?

We are told that global warming will bring on worse storms but, in fact, the earth has experienced a period of comparative relief from really bad hurricanes and tornadoes over the last two or three decades.  So, which is it?

I was watching Bill Nye (for whom, admittedly, I have very little respect as an expert on anything) debate Tucker Carlson about the devastating effects of global warming and the worse thing he could mention was that people are able to grow grapes in England now.  O, the horror!

I was watching another program that showed the loss of coastline along the coast of Louisiana.  A man who, in his younger days, could land his plane on some of the isolated islands along the coast can no longer do so because those islands are now under water. Yes, sea levels are rising.  In January, 2017, the NOAA predicted that seas levels would rise from one to eight feet over the next century.  (Al Gore predicted sea levels would rise 20 feet in his documentary An Inconvenient Truth).  That’s quite a range, and the science isn’t there yet to predict where in that range the truth lies.  We’ll have to wait and see.  In contrast, since 1880, sea levels have risen 8 – 9 inches, with three of those inches coming only since 1992.  But, it’s certain that, whatever the rise, it isn’t going to come in the form of a tsunami.  We will have to adjust, and we will.

I admit it’s difficult taking people like Al Gore (who wrote a book many years ago about the coming danger of global cooling) and Bill Nye seriously, given that they so often fail to make a commitment to living lives reflective of their concerns about global warming.  Gore has made millions investing in many companies that are decidedly un-green and owns a beach-front property in California, and Nye owns three homes in three states and feels no guilt about flying to Washington, DC on Air Force One to participate in Earth Day!  Plus, Nye is a nihilist who’s on record for thinking that humans “suck” and that, just maybe, people who don’t agree with him on climate change should be put in jail.

So, what to do?  Carbon emissions by the U. S. have gone down in recent years.  That’s a good thing.  Many really smart people are working on ways to solve the problem of global warming and to off-set it’s impact on the world.  Just like the Green Revolution, which started well before his apocalyptic book, The Population Bomb, was published, countered the dire predictions of mass starvation made by Paul Erhlich (who, before he was warning us about how global warming was going to destroy the world was, like Al Gore, warning us about how global cooling was going to destroy the world).  Unfortunately, Erhlich’s book inspired some pretty drastic action on the part of some countries, including forced sterilization in India.

I sleep at night.  I’m not terribly concerned about sea levels destroying our coastlines, hurricanes thrashing our shores, mass starvations because of droughts, or the extinction of polar bears.  I think we’ll be fine, and so will the polar bears.  Let’s take sensible action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels without lowering our standard of living.  The use of fossil fuels, after all, has saved more lives than almost any other single factor in raising the standard of living for billions of people around the world.  Poverty sucks even more than humans do.  And, I wouldn’t want to put billions of people back into poverty in order to make Bill Nye happy.

We are stewards of the earth.  It is a Christian duty to care for the planet.  Let’s do so, but let’s do so with clear minds inspired by the science, and not with minds clouded by the alarmism of activists.

Be Christ for all.  Bring Christ to all.  See Christ in all.




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