Trump’s Religious Freedom Executive Order Should be Just the Beginning

I’m not as critical as Mr. French of the “National Review” of President’s Trump’s Executive Order on religious freedom. I do agree with him on certain points, however. Trump’s EO should be the beginning, not the end of his efforts to protect religious freedom.

Some points:

The Obamacare HHS mandate needs to be done away with in a way that makes it impossible for a future administration to attempt anything like it again. That probably means legislation. One would think, yes, that the First Amendment would take care of problems like this, but there are sometimes people who get into power who regard the First Amendment as protecting only a watered-down “right to worship,” and not the right to actually live according to the dictates of one’s religious faith.

The Johnson Amendment needs to be repealed. Period. That requires Congress to act. Trump should lead the charge to repeal the Johnson Amendment.

Legislation needs to be passed at the federal level to protect people from losing their jobs, careers, businesses and life-savings just because they refuse to participate in an activity that is contrary to their religious beliefs. No one would require a Jewish tailor to design uniforms for a Nazi rally. No one would require a Muslim cantor to sing songs in praise of Christ as God at a Christian worship service. No one would require designer to design dresses for Melania Trump. Just so, no baker, florist or photographer should be required to participate or extend their services to an occasion that celebrates a reality contrary to their firmly and genuinely held religious beliefs. Possessing a license to do business does not, or ought not, require that one rip one’s heart out of one’s body and stomp upon it.

So, not that Trump’s Executive Order is in place, the work of legislating protections for religious freedom needs to begin.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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