Good News From Kentucky

This is good news. The courts in Kentucky were able to see the distinction between denying a service to someone because of their sexual orientation, which is always illegal and also immoral, and denying to provide services for a particular event.

Blaine Adamson, the printer, had refused to provide his services for other events, such as strip club events, because of his religious convictions, and he had also made his policy known in writing. So, it was clear there was no discrimination against persons of a homosexual orientation. Gay rights advocates essentially argue that to refuse to serve any event sponsored by an LGBT organization, or to refuse to serve a same-sex wedding, is tantamount to refusing to serve them. But, this is ridiculous. If I don’t want to serve non-kosher meats at my Jewish deli, does that mean I’m discriminating against gentiles? The failure of the courts to see a distinction between serving a person and serving an event is driven more by political motivations than Constitutional, in my mind.

In any case, let’s hope the courts take heed to the ruling in Kentucky and add a little common to the mix when considering these cases, not to mention a lot of Constitutional law.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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