Terror in Manchester


Is this article too harsh?

Let’s begin by acknowledging that there are certainly many millions of Muslims who do not share the desire to impose sharia law on their non-Muslim neighbors, do not share dreams of a world-wide caliphate, and do not share the violent ideology of ISIS and other extremist groups that identify themselves as true Islam.

But, let us also acknowledge that there is a problem in Islam. Islam is either a religion that condones violence against non-Muslims for the purpose of controlling nations and peoples that is attempting to reform itself into a religion of peace, or it is a religion of peace that is being subverted by violent elements foreign to its original purpose but, never the less, in control of large swaths of its people and spiritual leaders.

Let us also acknowledge that within nations dominated by Islam, and now within communities, especially in Europe, with large, even controlling, populations of Muslims, there is a record of abuse toward certain groups of people: non-Muslims, Muslims who do not share the extremist ideologies of their more violent confreres, women, children, and homosexuals.

Let us also acknowledge that politicians, as well as some in the military and in the police forces around the world, are willing to excuse the offenses committed by some Muslims out of a paralyzing fear of being labeled bigots, racists, or Islamophobes or, conversely, out of a genuine sympathy toward Muslims and concern for their rights and safety that somehow inspires a perverse and myopic refusal to see the real danger that has been unleashed on their communities. The Rotherham sex trafficking horror is only one of the more egregious examples of Western, non-Muslim authorities kowtowing to supposed Muslim sensibilities. Immigrants in England, France, and Germany have been allowed to gain control of neighborhoods and entire sections of cities where sharia and all its atrocities has become the de-facto law, where terrorists find safe haven, and where native residents have either been pushed out of their homes or forced to take refuge in them.

This cannot stand.

I don’t believe for a minute that accommodating Muslims in their desire to live separate lives within their adopted countries is going to achieve peace or the extinction of terrorism. For centuries, the goal of a nation that has welcomed others into its ranks has been to acclimate those immigrants into the dominant culture, not to force the dominant culture into back flipping accommodations. This has largely worked in molding communities that are both diverse but safe and prosperous. Today a desire to respect non-Western cultures has led Western nations into a suicidal acceptance of a culture whose values and goals are diametrically opposed to those of the West. Small sections of neighborhoods and cities have become enclaves of sharia culture, and the people who live their want more, not less, land and accommodations.

What is the answer? I don’t pretend to know, but I do have some ideas. First, Western nations must demand acclimation to Western values. This doesn’t mean rejecting one’s own culture or the historical culture of one’s family. It does mean accepting the fact that, when you live in the West, the culture of the West demands acclimation to a level of civility expected of all. Second, Muslims dedicated and devoted to an understanding of Islam that is horrified by the violence and terrorism need to step up and speak out. There’s no substitute for spiritual and community leaders in Muslim nations and neighborhoods taking a stand against the violence and terror. Silence implies consent, and it also hides from the world an understanding of Islam that is at peace with itself and its neighbors.

Let’s continue to pray for the victims of Manchester, and all victims of terrorism including, now, the citizens under siege in Marawi City, in the Philippines.


Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.


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