My Take on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change



Here is an article and a video on the Parish Agreement on Climate Change.

I’m in substantial agreement with Hennessey and Lomborg here. I think the Paris Agreement was a lot of symbolism without much substance. It made leaders of the world feel good about taking climate change seriously without their really having to commit to much in the way of action to forestall global warming. The fact that so many nations signed on is, to me, not a measure of the importance and substance of the agreement, but just the opposite. Had the agreement really demanded substantial action on the parts of nations to combat global warming, there would have been much more resistance.

Basically, the Paris Agreement is a symbolic gesture akin to saying, “I’m against beating women and children” without demanding any action of substance to protect women and children. I mean, who’s going to be against at least saying that they’re against beating women and children? Everyone can agree to symbolic statements, which is why few nations had any hesitation in signing on to the Paris Agreement. Few are going to be interested in taking the necessary action to take on a serious problem. Does anyone really think China and India would have signed on to the Paris Agreement if it had made real demands of them? Not a chance.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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