Clueless to the Core

I’ve never watched John Oliver, except in brief snippets that others share online. But, it appears the British comic, who’s making a bag full of money in the U. S., doesn’t know who is enemies are.

His home country has suffered three terrorist attacks in less than three months. But, what is Oliver upset about? The U. S. media’s coverage of these attacks. Apparently, Oliver thinks that Britons are no more than “upset” and “pissed off” about the attacks. He then goes on a rant about Trump leaving the Parish Agreement on Climate Control, a symbolic and substance-free agreement that would cost trillions and accomplish next to nothing.

But, symbols seem to be important to Oliver, as he found great comfort in the image of a bloke fleeing the scene of the terror attack in London while still holding his beer. Oliver called him a walking “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. Forgive me, but if anything, this is not the time to “Keep Calm.” This is the time to get serious about fighting in the trenches a people who regard themselves as at war with the West, even if the West wants to pretend otherwise. This is not the time to “Carry On.” No. This is the time to adopt a drastic change in direction and strategy for confronting this terror.

ISIS and their cohorts are hoping that all in the West are as clueless as Mr. Oliver. It will make the creation of their caliphate so much easier.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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