Stand for Life. Stand for Christ.

An insightful article in America magazine, the Jesuit weekly.

It seems the American Civil Liberties Union, as many have suspected for some time, has become just another shill for the Democrats. Sad. There really is a need for an organization to champion civil liberties, without bias. Unfortunately, the ACLU is no longer that organization.

The god of abortion is a jealous god, and hungry, too. He demands that all else be sacrificed to his ravenous desire for the blood of the innocents, including health care for the poor. What deep hatred for the Catholic Church one must have to plot to destroy the only access to healthcare many people have, especially many poor people, because that healthcare is provided by the Church, and the Church will not bow to the god of abortion and the demons of sterilization and transgenderism.

My cynical self wonders how long many of these Catholic institutions will hold out before they “see the light” and deem their mission to the poor too important to sacrifice for the sake of fidelity to the Gospel of Christ. A false dichotomy will be created between fidelity to the Church’s mission to the poor and the Church’s mission to protect the dignity of all life. This dichotomy will be used to justify abandoning the commitment to the unborn in favor of a false commitment to the poor. It is as the devil and the statist would have it: never both/and; only and/or. “To serve the poor we must sacrifice the innocent,” the claim will be made.

The Church is the natural enemy of those who would demand that we must choose between serving the poor and protecting the innocent. Here’s hoping and praying that Catholic hospitals, unlike so many other Catholic institutions, will have the courage to stand for the poor and the unborn — to stand for life and, in so doing, to stand for Christ.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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