A Victory for Religious Freedom in Mississippi


From the article:

“Since 1973, then, U.S. policy has protected a right to choose an abortion right alongside an individual and institutional right to choose against facilitating one.

“Our law should now do the same on marriage. It needn’t and shouldn’t penalize private associations for their beliefs on this issue. Doing so would make no appreciable difference to the ability of same-sex couples to receive the goods and services they seek, but it would undermine conscience rights for some.”

Many people in the United States regard marriage as a sacrament, or at the very least a public commitment between the couple and God. It has religious significance, and laws related to marriage have the potential to impact the religious practice of citizens. Protecting the religious beliefs of citizens and religious organizations on marriage doesn’t establish religion on anyone. Rather, it protects individuals and religious organizations from having the religious beliefs of others, or the priorities of the state, imposed on them.

Laws such as the one in Mississippi represent reasonable accommodations to what is now a minority view in the United States. To say, “same-sex marriage is the law, so all must now comply” is an attempt by those who would use the authority of the state to establish religious practice on those who regard marriage as a sacramental or covenantal commitment between one man and one woman and God. It is an attempt to demand that those who believe differently nevertheless act in accord with the dictates of the state. It is an imposition on the conscience of the believer. There’s no way around that.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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