Trump’s Buffoonery

I would advise that someone who has any respect for and influence over the president to get a hold of him and convince him to stop acting like such an arrogant, hyper-sensitive idiot and focus on running the country. What is wrong with this man? I suppose we ought to be grateful, right? I mean, things must be running along pretty well if the POTUS has time and energy to spend tweeting insults about TV personalities. NOT!

I would advise the above, but why bother? So many others have tried to shut this buffoon up to no avail. I am embarrassed for my country and for the dignity of the office of the president. No, it’s not Bill Clinton having sexual liaisons in the Oval Office. No, it’s not a national security matter. But, it degrades the office and, by association, the country. He’s a fool and he makes us look like fools for having him as president. He should apologize to Mika Brzezinski, apologize to the country, close his twitter account and try to do his best at a job for which he is manifestly unqualified.

God bless America. Please!

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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