Hawaii Wants to Force Pro-Life Clinics to Promote Abortion

A few days ago I wrote about an attempt on the part of California to force pro-life clinics in the state to promote abortion by requiring them to inform clients of where they could obtain an abortion and that the state would pay for it. Happily, a judge recognized the violation against free speech and, in some cases, religious liberty this requirement represented. It remains to be seen if the fight in California is over, but this ruling was a clear victory.

Well, now Hawaii has gotten into the act. In spite of rulings from judges trampling the unconstitutional efforts of pro-abortion legislatures in Illinois and California, Hawaii has recently passed a law requiring pro-life clinics to promote and advertise a website where women can receive information on abortion.

Alliance Defending Freedom (you know, the organization that has won a half-dozen cases before the Supreme Court of the United States that the Southern Poverty Law Center calls a “hate group”) is suing Hawaii and defending the mission of pro-life clinics. Let’s pray for their victory.


Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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