Human Trafficking in Tennessee is Real

The ugly truth is, human trafficking is a reality in Tennessee, even in our smaller, more rural communities.

Kudos to those law enforcement personnel who took the initiative in this sting. While eleven were arrested in the Kingsport area, the sting covered several Tennessee communities. I wish the article had information on how many were arrested over the entire state.

This is a bad news/good news situation.

The bad news, of course, is that there is a market in Tennessee for young women and girls who are being trafficked for sex. The TBI received numerous inquiries about the girls who were being “sold” in their sting operation. While only eleven decided to go the extra step and attempt to purchase time with these girls, only a fool would think that those others who inquired have not done so before or will not try to do so in the future. These women aren’t prostitutes or professional escorts, who may or may not feel like they have made a conscious choice to enter or, at least, remain in the sex industry, but who are paid for their “services.” These are women and girls, many who have been kidnapped, who are kept against their will, whose bodies are being sold by pimps and who do not share in the profits of this trade. These women and girls are slaves. There is no other word for it. Any attempt to call it otherwise is an attempt to deny what’s going on.

What  could possibly be the good news? The good news is that these perverts were caught. They will lose their jobs and their reputations. Some of them worked with minors, and they have now been exposed. Others who may have been tempted to consider purchasing sex with women or girls who are being trafficked may re-consider, now that they know that the authorities have been setting up these type of stings. No one who gets on, which is notorious as a vehicle for human trafficking transactions, will do so again without wondering if the person on the other side of this transaction is a cop waiting to snag them and destroy their lives. That’s a good thing. No one should feel safe when trying to purchase sex from a child or a woman held as a slave against her will.

The article includes a link to the “IT has to stop” campaign. Please click on that link to learn more about the problem of human trafficking in Tennessee and for information on how you can get involved in stopping modern slavery.

Youth leader, coach, EMT among nearly a dozen arrested in Kingsport human trafficking case

Be e Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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