Catholic Volunteers Attacked in Mexico

A group of Catholic youth volunteers bringing aid to victims of Mexico’s recent earthquake were attacked by unidentified gunmen. At least one person was shot and a female youth volunteer was raped. As well, supplies and money intended for victims of the earthquake were stolen.

This is not the first attack on volunteers providing aid to victims of the earthquake.

It seems that Mexico has descended into unfettered corruption and crime, when the government, both federal and local, either cannot or will not provide protection to volunteers who are there to help the people of their country. In some cases, the Mexican military has been implicated in these attacks.

Much of the aid and volunteer efforts for earthquake victims have been put on hold because the safety of aid workers and volunteers cannot be guaranteed.

Sadly, false charities have also been set up ostensibly to assist victims of the earthquake that, in reality, funnel money into the pockets of the fraudsters who set up these false charities.

Charity Navigator has put together a list of reputable charities to which people can donate. The word is that cash is what’s needed.

I can’t pretend to know how dark and sinister a person’s heart must be to beat, rob and rape volunteers who only want to help victims of a natural disaster. I can’t begin to imagine how corrupt a government must be that would allow this to happen, or whose military would actually take part in stealing aid meant to help victims of their own country.

Mexico needs our prayers. As well, international pressure must be placed on the government of Mexico to protect aid workers and volunteers and, if necessary, international military forces must be employed to protect them if the government of Mexico refuses to do so. Victims of the two earthquakes and the hurricane that hit Mexico deserve nothing less.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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