Headline: 0.000076% of Women in U. S. Could Be Devastated by the HHS Mandate Rollback! Time To Destroy the First Amendment!

The video linked below reports on a woman who is a student at Notre Dame Law School concerned over the announced rollback of the HHS mandate requiring employers, including religious employers opposed to contraception, to pay for birth control. She says that she is worried about losing coverage for what she regards as “a serious medical need.”

My wife has lived without contraception her entire life, so I’m not sure when birth control became a “serious medical need,” but I’ll grant that some women and men regard it as such.

The video points out that 58% of women use the birth control pill for non-contraceptive reasons and that it can cost over $1000 a year without insurance coverage. The video fails to point out, however (probably because those producing the video are ignorant of Catholic teaching and too lazy to bother doing research on the matter), that the Catholic Church has no moral qualms with using the birth control pill for non-contraceptive reasons, so it would presumably be covered for those reasons even by a Catholic institution, though I admit I’m not aware of how that gets worked out.

Also, we are talking about a woman who attends law school at Notre Dame. A simple google search will show you that a single year at Notre Dame Law School costs almost $77,000. And, this woman claims she has “no disposable income” (those are her words) to spend on birth control? Who is she kidding? An extra grand on top of $77,000 is going to ruin her budget? Please!

The video then reveals that the student is a member of the ACLU, which used to be an institution dedicated to protecting Constitutional rights but is now simply a shill for the Democrats and liberal social politics, and that the ACLU is suing the Trump administration over the rollback of the HHS mandate. The student is a plaintiff in the case. She considers the refusal of Catholic institutions to cover contraception as a violation of her private rights. Excuse me? The Catholic Church ought to be required by law to pay for a medication for a use that is contrary to Catholic teaching because women have a right to have the Church pay for it? Uh, where is that in the Constitution?

Using that logic, the Catholic Church would be obliged to pay for abortions, sterilization, and sex-change hormonal therapy and surgeries, and Catholic hospitals would be required to perform abortions, sterilizations and sex-change hormonal therapy and surgeries. Oh, wait … that’s the whole point! I’m convinced that proponents of the HHS mandate, like the Democratic party and the ACLU, don’t give a rats patooty about access to birth control for poverty-stricken students at Notre Dame Law School. What they want is to exploit the power of government to force the Church to pay for medicines and procedures contrary to Catholic faith or lose its tax-exempt status, and to force Catholic hospitals to perform procedures contrary to Catholic faith or shut them down. Yeah, I said it!

The video points out that the Trump rollback of the HHS mandate could impact 120,000 women in the United States. According to the 2010 census, there are 157 million women in the U. S. Even if we use that now outdated figure, this means that 0.000076% of the female population of the U. S. will be impacted by HHS mandate rollback. One might think that the value of preserving religious liberty would outweigh the minor impact of the HHS mandate rollback on such a small percentage of the female population.

Of course, there’s a simple solution even for those 120,000 women. If you don’t want to lose your birth control coverage, simply don’t work for the Church or attend a Catholic school. But, that would be too simple. It would also frustrate the ultimate goal of the anti-Catholic ACLU and it’s allies.


Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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