Prayers for Somalia

It’s indescribable how horrible this is. On Saturday, a truck bomb exploded in one of the busiest centers in Mogadishu, killing over 300 and injuring hundreds more. The truck had been stopped to be searched, but the driver accelerated, crashed through a barrier and exploded. Unfortunately, a fuel tanker was nearby, and the blast caused it, too, to explode, igniting a fireball and exacerbating the devastation. Most are attributing the attack to al-Shabaab, which has been responsible for several bombings in Somalia.

The people of Somalia have been living under the threat of al-Shabaab, an Islamic terrorist organization aligned with al-Qaida, for over a decade. They have suffered several bombings in their capital city of Mogadishu, but none close to the horror of Saturday.

Al-Shabaab represents the radical youth wing of the now defunct Union of Islamic Courts, which controlled Mogadishu until they were forced out by Ethiopian forces in 2006. They are banned as a terrorist group. They adhere to and enforce in those areas they control a strict interpretation of Sharia law, including stoning to death women accused of adultery and amputating the hands of thieves. Most Somalis are Sufi Muslims, but al-Shabaab is intent on imposing a Wahhabi version of Islam on the country.

In 2015, al-Shabaab gunmen stormed Garissa University in Kenya, which borders Somalia. They went through the dorms systematically targeting Christians for execution. 148 Christians were killed.

God give rest to those killed and healing to those injured. Lord, bring peace to the people of Somalia.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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