Keep Your Children Safe!

This morning, a relative of mine (a young teenaged girl) was in her front yard putting something in the back of the family van. Her mother walked outside and saw a white van with the back door open and a man in a ski mask getting out. As soon as he saw the mother, he sped away.

A few days ago, Michael was playing ball in the driveway with some of his friends when I heard a strange man’s voice. My friend’s husband and I went outside and as soon as we walked out, the man took off. He had been coaxing the kids to come see his adorable puppy.

Both of these took place in SAFE, family neighborhoods. Our poor kids can no longer even go in the front yard without an adult, much less ride their bikes or walk by themselves to the park. My heart is both broken and livid at the same time. LORD, help us.

The above was shared on Facebook by a friend in Austin, TX whom I trust completely. I have no doubts, therefore, about the authenticity of these accounts.

Here’s the thing: as more parents are becoming aware of the reality of human trafficking and are talking with their kids about it, kids are becoming less inclined to be lured into it by more subtle techniques.

As a result, the sex traffickers are becoming less subtle in their techniques for trapping kids. Now, they’re simply grabbing them out of their front yards, or wherever they can find them.

I’m not sharing this for the purpose of unnecessarily alarming people, or causing a fright. But, the reality is, there are people in this world who regard children — YOUR children — as nothing more than a commodity, a product to be bought and sold. It’s our job as parents to protect our children. Sometimes, that means taking precautions we would otherwise never think necessary.

I would never recommend that children be incarcerated in their own homes. But, it may be that the time has come when they are no longer safe to be out completely on their own. I’m not really sure what to do, and I’m open to suggestions. But, this is scary, and it’s real.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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