Abortion is Racial Genocide

Birth control is not contraception indiscriminately and thoughtlessly practiced. It means the release and cultivation of the better racial elements in our society, and the gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extirpation of defective stocks— those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.

                                                                     Margaret Sanger, New York Times, April 8, 1923

It should be no surprise that the alt-right and its leaders, such as white supremacist Richard Spencer, are as enamored of abortion as were Margaret Sanger and other eugenicists of the first half of the twentieth century. Sanger was and Spencer is an adherent to the racists ideology that there are some groups of people who are, to borrow a phrase from George Orwell, “more equal than others.” Advancing the agenda of the “better racial elements in our society” and suppressing the voices and rights of “defective stock” are goals Sanger and Spencer and their disciples advocate.

Both the alt-right and elements within the progressive left are obsessed with race, ethnicity, and “identity politics.” Both regard racial or ethnic identity as primary in one’s political and social reality. To put it bluntly, you are what racial or ethnic group you belong to. The fact that the alt-right and progressive left advance, or claim to advance, the agendas of differing racial and ethnic groups makes little difference. They both regard race and ethnicity as primary.

So, again, it’s no surprise that both would be supportive of abortion, a procedure the progressive left promotes as a means to empower women in their quest to achieve what they regard as equality with men, and that the alt-right sees as a means to decimate the population of minorities. What is often not spoken of in polite society is the subtle but very real strategy of the established left to use abortion as a means of managing minorities. It’s no secret that a disproportionate number of abortion clinics, including Planned Parenthood clinics, are found in minority neighborhoods. It’s no secret, either, that abortion has decimated the African-American population in this country, far more than the KKK could have hoped to achieve by their most violent means. Hispanics, too, have been targeted by the abortion industry.

According to the U. S. Census Bureau, African-Americans comprised 13.3% of the U. S. population in 2016, and Hispanics 17.8%. Yet, according to The Guttmacher Institute, 28% of abortions in 2014 were performed on African-American women and 35% on Hispanic women. The average number of abortions in the U. S. is 12.5 abortions for every 1000 women. For black women, the rate is 27.1/1000 and for Hispanic women 18.1/1000. The number of abortions performed each year in the U. S. has been declining since the 1980s, and there are some discrepancies between different organizations and how they count the number of abortions, but the low stats say that there are around 650,000 abortions in the U. S. each year. Even using the low estimates, that means last year around 182,000 black children and 227,500 Hispanic children were aborted. Multiply that by the number of years since 1973, and those figures are 6,370,000 and 7,962,500 respectively, and that is minimum since, again, I’m using the low stats on abortion and the number of abortions each year has declined. There’s no question that the real numbers are significantly higher, perhaps as much as double. By any reasonable measure, we’re talking around 10 million fewer African-Americans in the U. S. population and between 10 and 12 million fewer Hispanics, all as a result of one factor: abortion.

If that’s not racial genocide, I don’t know what is.

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450678/alt-right-abortion-richard-spencer-co-uphold-margaret-sangers-eugenicist-legacy


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