It’s Official: Women’s March is Anti-Women

On Saturday, April 7, Women’s March, which organized the protest marches the day after President Trump’s inauguration, made a statement blasting the FBI’s shutting down of the day before. Backpage was a website that became notorious for facilitating prostitution, including the trafficking of women and girls for sex.

Women’s March tweeted, “The shutting down of #Backpage is an absolute crisis for sex workers who rely on the site to safely get in touch with clients. Sex workers rights are women’s rights.”

Of course, human traffickers aren’t noted for their concern about worker’s rights or women’s rights. They have for years used Backpage to advertise selling women and girls captured from their communities for servitude in the sex trade. That Women’s March would protest the closing of this site reveals either an astonishing level of cluelessness or instincts so warped by political correctness that they’ve jumped, lemming-like, off the cliff of social insanity. While their protesting Backpage’s shut down has garnered some criticism, it’s worth pointing out that the sources I’ve linked for this story are smaller sources, like The Christian Post, or conservative websites — because the story is nowhere to be found in the mainstream media. Really? Really, mainstream media? Women’s March is such a sacred cow that they must be protected from the light of journalistic integrity even when they protest human traffickers being denied the opportunity to ply their trade of sex slavery on the internet? Because doing so suppresses women’s rights?

This is not the first time Women’s March has come under criticism. While purporting to be a “women-led movement” to “harness the political power of diverse women,” Women’s March very publicly rejected participation in their protest marches by conservative and pro-life women’s organizations. According to a 2017 Marist Poll, 41% of women in America self-identify as “pro-life” on abortion. Apparently, those women don’t count as real women, because their position is contrary to that of Women’s March, which claims to “harness the power of diverse women.” Yes, but only if your a woman who lands on the diversity scale somewhere between “extreme left” and “fanatical left.”

Women’s March was also criticized for the participation of some of the organizers of the protest marches, including Linda Sarsour, who regards Sharia Law as “reasonable,” and Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted in 1970 for her part in terrorist attacks in Jerusalem that caused the death of two Israelis. When Odeh was deported for covering up her terrorist past, the Women’s March chapter in Iowa lamented, “We cannot express the amount of sorrow felt, a broken system deported an amazing activist and organizer,” and included the hashtag #Honor Rasmea.

Then there was the July, 2017 birthday greetings Women’s March extended to Assata Shakur, a member of the Black Liberation Army who was convicted of first-degree murder in the 1973 killing of a State Trooper. She has been a fugitive since she escaped from prison in 1979. Women’s March called Shakur a “Sign of Resistance.”

But, this recent action takes the cake. To protest the closure of a website that actively promoted and profited from human trafficking, from the capture, enslavement, and sexual exploitation of women and girls, reveals a level of depravity that has infected Women’s March that cannot be justified by any stretch of the imagination, or any false attempt to empower women or “create transformative social change.” Women’s March claims to be “committed to dismantling systems of oppression,” yet they protest the shutting down of a website that promoted and profited from the oppression of women. There are no words!

According to USA Today, Backpage headquarters in Sedona, Arizona were raided on Friday, April 6, and Michael Lacey, its founder, was charged “as part of a 93-count indictment.” E-mails found during the investigation “revealed that the website’s employees tweaked ads with the intention of covering up illegal activity, knowingly facilitating the selling of underage individuals for sex.”

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.







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