Choose Your Evil

An interesting contrast. Tucker Carlson addresses the call by political leaders on both sides of the aisle for the Trump administration to respond with military force to the chemical attack, supposedly carried out by the Syrian government led by the dictator Bashar al-Assad, on innocent civilians, including children, outside Damascus.

Carlson raises some interesting questions. Are we certain Assad was behind the chemical attack? Carlson claims that months after the chemical attack a year ago that led to the U. S. bombing a Syrian airport Assad’s involvement still could not be confirmed. Why would Assad do such a thing when he is actually gaining on the rebels and the U. S. has just announced that we are pulling our troops out of Syria and that removing Assad is no longer U. S. foreign policy? It seems counterproductive, exactly the kind of action that might inspire the U. S. to reconsider these decisions. In that sense, Carlson strongly implies that the real culprit here might be the rebels, who also have chemical weapons, and who may have done the deed knowing the finger would be pointed at Assad. The rebels have much to gain from the U. S. remaining in the game. Would a military response by the U. S. actually help the situation in Syria? Who, after all, would replace Assad? The civil war in Syria is not, after all, a conflict between two sides, but several warring parties, all vying for power. Why is the United States backing extremist Islamic rebels who want to impose Sharia Law on Syria and vow to “exterminate” Shia Muslims?

All of these questions ought to give pause to any eagerness to go to war in Syria. But, the political forces pushing for a military response are many, and the pressure may be too much for Trump to withstand, even if he’s interested in withstanding such pressure — and he doesn’t seem interested.

The justification for a military response is that the United States cannot sit idly by while such horrors take place. Assad is a madman, and he must be removed from power. America is the strongest moral force in the world, and we would lose our moral authority if we allowed these types of actions to go unanswered.

But, in fact, we do allow all kinds of horrors and human rights abuses to go unanswered. Carlson points out, for instance, the famine in Yemen that is caused by Saudi Arabia. No one is calling on the United States to use its military against Saudi Arabia. No one is demanding that the strongest moral force in the world take action against those causing this famine.

Another example are the human rights abuses taking place in China. The Chinese government has long been aware of and even supportive of a black market for human organs. To summarize the long, sordid story: Westerners in need of organ transplants unwilling (or, I’m sure they would argue, unable) to wait their turn on the organ transplant list, and who have the resources to do so, are traveling to China to get the necessary transplant, be it a liver or a kidney, or what have you. Apparently, human organs are plenty available in China. How so? There is no organ donation program in China. Organs are plentiful because the military hospitals and armed police are in the business of executing innocent people convicted of bogus crimes in order to harvest their organs and sell them. It is a multi-billion dollar industry. Many of the victims are members of the Falun Gong, which the Chinese government sees as a threat and has identified as an enemy of China.

The West, including political leaders in the United States, are well aware of this genocide. They are, however, doing little to nothing, and many if not most of you reading this have never heard about it in the American media, nor are you likely to any time soon. Trump is interested in protecting American trade against China, not so much protecting the lives of innocent Chinese. The left and their toadies in the media are hyper-focused on demonizing Trump and getting him impeached. Other political leaders in both parties are more interested in exacting punishment on Assad for a chemical attack for which they have no real proof he committed than they are in taking action against the Chinese government for its complicity in the black market organ trade, in which tens of thousands of innocents have been executed and in which Americans are participating and from which Americans are benefiting.

Such is the way the world turns. Come, Lord Jesus!

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.



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