Pray for Peace in Korea

The link below is to a video on the Korean War by Victor Davis Hanson. It is a fine summary of what the Korean War was all about, what it achieved, and why Korea is still important in the modern world.

This, of course, is in consideration of the historic potential for peace between North and South Korea we see unfolding daily. North Korea is an oppressive, isolated, insular dominion controlled for decades by a ruthless family whose members had no qualms about killing millions of their fellow citizens and their own family members. They are also a nuclear power. To have to negotiate anything with such people is repulsive. But, if any measure of a secure peace for the future of the Korean peninsula and the surrounding community of nations is to be achieved, it must be done.

The potential, as I said, for the June 12 summit between the U. S. and North Korea, which is back on according to recent reports, is historic. Let’s pray that the U. S. puts together a team of negotiators that are both tough and reasonable, and that the leaders of North Korea, who are dealing with a catastrophic economy and pressure from their Chinese overlords, will be wise enough to understand that they can no longer isolate themselves and their people behind a wall of Communist horrors.

Pray for peace!

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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