Pray for Peace in Africa

We here in the United States don’t get much news about Africa, but there are troubles in the Central African Republic that ought to be of concern to Catholics and Muslims in the U. S., as they involve the killing and forced migration of our confreres.

According to an article on the Religious News Service website, there have been six Catholic priests murdered since the country erupted in violence in 2013. As well, many Muslims, who are a minority in the CAR, have been forced from their homes and into neighboring countries.

Many observers claim that this is a conflict inspired by religious hostility, but religious leaders, both Catholic and Muslim, claim that political and economic forces, including the desire to exploit the mineral resources of the country by corrupt business interests, are at the root of the conflict. Religious leaders who have spoken out for a peaceful resolution to the conflict have been targeted for assassination.

Pray for peace in the Central African Republic!

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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