Argentina Votes Against Abortion

The Senate of Argentina, Pope Francis’ home country, has voted against a bill that would decriminalize abortion during the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy.

Concern that the bill would pass was raised when the lower chamber of Congress unexpectedly voted in favor of the bill earlier this year, raising the consciousness of the Catholic and other Christian communities and those dedicated to respecting life in the South American nation. The president of Argentina,  Mauricio Macri, said that he would sign the bill if it was passed in spite of his supposed personal opposition to abortion.

Apparently, while Macri does not allow himself the privilege of killing innocent people, he has no qualms with allowing others to do so, provided the Congress approves.

Pro-abortion advocates have announced plans to continue to fight for the right to legally kill their own children. But, the vote in Argentina stands in stark contrast to that of Ireland, which recently legalized abortion. While people in the streets of Ireland were seen celebrating their new-found right to slaughter their children, pro-abortion activists in Argentina were dismayed that they have not yet managed to convince enough of their legislators that killing the innocent is a human right.

For their part, the bishops of Argentina have acknowledged their failure in providing for the needs of women experiencing difficult pregnancies, especially those related to rape or poverty. In a statement after the vote, the bishop’s conference issued a statement saying, “We are facing great pastoral challenges to speak more clearly on the value of life.”

I truly do believe that most women choose abortion because they are convinced they have no other option. If the Church and other advocates for life can help create other options, fewer women will choose abortion.

So, while this vote is cause for celebration, it is also a call to renew efforts to protect life, and one of the best ways to protect life is to protect women, from abusive relationships, from poverty, and from those who would convince them that the only option they have is to turn against their children.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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