October Rosary Challenge!

Today is October 1st so, just like last year, I am announcing the October Rosary Challenge.

Image result for image of rosary

The October Rosary Challenge is to commit to praying the rosary each day for the month of October: 31 rosaries.

May I suggest that this year’s October Rosary Challenge be offered for the consecration of the whole world to Christ. This is the work of the laity, especially, in the mission of the Church. We laity are the ones, more than ordained priests, whose lives resemble the secular order: we live in the world, work in the world, do our business in the world, live our lives in the midst of the world. We are the ones particularly suited to offering sacrifices for the sake of consecrating the world to Christ. Praying the rosary every day for the month of October is an especially appropriate commitment, in that it was by Our Lady that Our Lord entered into the world.

Won’t you join me? It takes about fifteen minutes to pray a five decade rosary, and it offers a brief respite from the cares and wares of the world. We can do this!

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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