Gosnell: The Truth Will Out

I went to see the movie “Gosnell” yesterday afternoon. It was well done, a powerful story about a mass murderer who carried out his murderous spree under the guise of a well-meaning doctor, who also ran a side gig as a narcotics dealer.

It was the investigation into Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s illegal drug trafficking that revealed the horrors of his abortion clinic: filthy conditions, unsterile instruments, a code cart that didn’t work, untrained and unlicensed staff dispensing narcotics and performing medical procedures that resulted in the death of at least one patient, abortions performed well after the legal limit and, of course, the murder of children born alive either during Gosnell’s botched abortions, or simply birthed and killed after being born.

The tragedy Gosnell unleashed on his patients is not limited, however, to his own murderous actions. The tragedy extends to the fact that plenty of people in the system in Pennsylvania knew about Gosnell and did nothing. Did they know he was murdering children born alive? Not necessarily. But, they knew about the unsanitary conditions of his clinic. They knew about the many, many complaints from legitimate sources about his malpractice, and they knew about the death of Karnamaya Mongar, a woman who died after an abortion related to administration of narcotics by untrained staff and Gosnell’s negligence. Can anyone imagine a patient dying under medical care in any other kind of facility and that death being ignored by the state? The state Department of Health knew about all of this and did nothing, because Gosnell was an abortionist and abortion clinics were protected by the state and left to their own devices. Gosnell’s own clinic had not been inspected for almost twenty years, and would not have been inspected had the DEA, FBI and Philadelphia PD not initiated their investigation into his illegal drug trafficking.

If anything, the movie barely touches on the extent of Gosnell’s crimes and illegal activities, and only makes a brief mention of the criminal activities of his staff. An especially compelling scene is where Janine Turner plays an abortionist who testifies for the purpose of convincing the public that Gosnell’s practices are not standard for abortion clinics. Under cross-examination, however, the point is made that there’s barely a hair’s breath of difference between what Gosnell did and what all abortionists do. Much is made, properly so, of the lack of attention Gosnell’s crimes and trial received in the press. Most media outlets simply ignored it, and there hasn’t been a lot of press about the movie, either. Abortion continues to be protected by our national media. Many critics simply dismiss the movie as politically-motivated, or as “Christian propaganda.” Never mind that dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands of people actually died at this man’s hands. What matters is that women and men continue to have the right to pay doctors to kill their children.

But, the truth will out. Abortion, whether committed in the unsanitary and brutal conditions of a Gosnell-type clinic, or in the sterile, cold abortion mills that dot our landscape, remains what it is: the legal, willful destruction of innocent human life for profit.


Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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