LGBTQ+ Targeting Children

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June is Pride Month, where the LGBTQ+ community goes all out celebrating itself. In anticipation of Pride Month, several companies that target children with their brands have introduced products designed to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and educate people (read: children) on the goodness of the gay and trans rights social agenda. Some companies are even financially supporting organizations that press the gay and trans rights agenda with donations to activist organizations with each purchase of their product.

Disney and Lego have recently introduced products for celebrating LGBTQ+ persons and Pride Month. Disney has introduced “Rainbow Disney,” a collection of toys and clothing for adults and children, and Lego has introduced their “Everyone is Awesome” Legos, a set of rainbow-colored, gender-neutral figurines set against a rainbow backdrop. Mind you, these are products targeted to children, not adults.

The most recent addition to the effort to educate your children on the wonderfulness of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle is from Kellogg’s. They have introduced for Pride Month a new cereal called “Together with Pride.” The cereal is multi-colored, heart-shaped pieces of various fruit flavors, covered with edible glitter (can anyone say “stereotype”?). The box says, “Boxes are for cereal, not people,” and on one side lists a set of pronouns that the children can choose for themselves, including “He/Him,” “She/Her,” and “They/Them,” along with blank spaces for the children to come up with their own. Again, this is aimed at children, and the kind of children who still prefer cereals that are multi-colored and made mostly of sugar. In other words, very young children. With each purchase of the cereal, Kellogg’s will make a donation to GLAAD, the activist gay and trans organization, with whom Kellogg’s collaborated in developing “Together with Pride.”

Obviously, these companies are convinced that it is their duty to educate our children on gay and trans issues. Why children who still believe Mickey Mouse is real or who prefer sugary-sweet cereals need to be discussing gay and trans sexual issues is not exactly clear to me. It is clear to me, however, why these companies want these children in the middle of this discussion. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. If these companies and their activist allies can indoctrinate our children in the values of the LGBTQ+ agenda, then in twenty years there will be little discussion taking place. The matter will have been settled, and not to the benefit of society, much less to those who still hold to the Judeo-Christian tradition of marriage and sexuality.

Let’s be clear: the agenda these companies and their activist allies are pushing is not simply, “Live and let live.” No. It is one of “Accept us and our values or face the consequences of social and legal ostracism.” Those values include teenage boys showering with teenage girls, adult men using the women’s dressing room next to your middle school daughter, fully developed male athletes competing against female athletes in every sport, women’s shelters and prisons taking biological men under their roofs, and your child being given hormone therapy to transition from one sex to another with or without your knowledge or consent.

How do we stop this madness? We could, of course, decide to no longer purchase products from these companies, and I would certainly not purchase anything that led to a donation to GLAAD. But, the social pressure these companies face to “go woke” is intense, and many companies have surrendered to it or willingly embraced it. So, it is becoming more and more difficult to find companies that are not committed to the agenda of indoctrinating our children and forming our culture according to the progressive social and political agenda. Even still, we have to be willing to go without if we intend to have any impact. It does no good to vocalize one’s opposition to Coke going woke if one continues to purchase their products. We have to be willing to go without. As more and more companies succumb to the pressure to go woke, we will face the day when we have to go without something we would prefer not going without. Sacrifice can be difficult, but what else is there? These companies do not pay much attention to anything but the bottom line.

We also must be willing to speak out. That means blogs, articles, letters to editors, letters to representatives, voicing our opinions publicly at school board meetings or at city hall. We cannot be reduced to silence, even in the face of cancel culture. I believe it is a small, vocal minority that is pushing much of this agenda. They intend to intimidate the majority into silence and inaction. We cannot allow that to happen.

Finally, we have to make our voice known at the ballot box. Democrats, the political party that is pushing this agenda, is attempting to transform our elections to secure their hold on power. That means we have to show up in droves in order to overcome whatever conniving is done to mute or mitigate the voices of sanity. We cannot afford to sit down and shut up, or stay home when the polling booths are open. The gay and trans rights activists and their allies in corporate America have made it clear that they intend to hold nothing back in attempting to transform our culture according to their priorities, beginning with our children. We cannot be meek or mild in our efforts to stop them. We must be bold. We must speak the truth with passion and persistence. And, we must do so in love. We must not allow ourselves to be inspired by hate or anger. Love is the only answer.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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