Praying for Pope Francis’ Recovery

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Pope Francis underwent surgery to remove a narrowed section of his left colon earlier this week and, with the exception of developing a temporary fever, reports are that he is progressing well in his recovery.

We continue to pray for the Holy Father, for a quick and full recovery.

O merciful Father in heaven, thank You for being with Pope Francis while he was in surgery. Thank You for blessing the surgeon with the skill and knowledge needed to do his work and safely bringing Pope Francis through this operation. O gracious Father, bring healing to Pope Francis and bless him with the best care possible as he recovers. Continue to bless him with your tender care. Grant him patience during his recuperation, help him grow in strength each day, and bring him to full recovery quickly, without any setbacks. Amen.

Source for prayer: Prayers for Before and After Surgery (

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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