Gender Deflection

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A spot-on editorial in National Review addresses the attempt by the Biden administration to deflect attention away from the multiple crises facing the nation by publishing a 42-page “National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality.” Yes, folks, the border is out of control, illegal immigrants are being clandestinely flown to various states, inflation is breaking records, America’s energy independence is at risk, COVID remains a threat, the supply chain is clogged up, our reputation on the world stage is in shatters, China is eating our lunch, Afghanistan is back in the hands of the Taliban, Congress is in stalemate, violence continues to plague our inner cities and city streets, school board meetings are shouting matches and the Dept of Justice labels parents terrorists, etc, etc…

But, what’s on the mind of our fearless leaders in the White House? Why, gender equity and equality, of course! What else?

The Biden administration, according to the editorial, is up in arms over the fact that girls have to study hard in school. Nearly three-fifths of college degrees are awarded to women but this, apparently, is evidence of colleges and universities favoring male students.

Women outlive men by an average of 5.7 years, and the gap is widening. Yet, inequality in healthcare is that men are favored because the “right” of women to kill their unborn children is not yet perfectly secure.

The goal of ending gender-based violence is about ending violence against women, though 80% of homicide victims in the U. S. are men.

According to the editorial, “Among those described as needing more federal ‘equity’ are ‘Black, Latino, and Indigenous and Native American persons, Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders, and other persons of color; members of religious minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI+) persons; persons with disabilities; persons who live in rural areas; and persons otherwise adversely affected by persistent poverty or inequality.’ So, basically, everybody except white, non-disabled, urban dudes. The Biden administration needs to tread lightly here. It’s coming dangerously close to claiming that all lives matter.

None of this is to say that gender-based discrimination is not a legitimate concern meriting attention. I know very well that women’s health issues are not taken very seriously. (Frankly, a lot of men’s issues aren’t, either.) I know very well that women, generally, have to work harder than men to advance as high as men and as quickly. I know very well that women are too often the targets of violence by men. Many of these realities, by the way, are compounded exponentially for children, but I’ve not heard of any national strategy for child equity and equality. Hmmm … if only children could vote!

But, I also know that the federal government, with few exceptions, is not in a position to do much about any of it, and neither is it terribly motivated to do so, even if it could. Reports like this are mostly bluster to check all the right progressive boxes so politicians can pretend to do something about matters they have no intention of doing anything about. And, in the Biden administration’s case, it’s about deflection. Biden and his cohorts are hoping that his woke base and allies among the media elites will “oooo and ahhh” over his concern for “gender equity and equality” that it will distract people from the various crises caused by and/or mismanaged by the president and his team.

I don’t think it will work. I don’t think the American people are nearly as stupid as Biden and his staff think they are. I hope not, anyway.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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