A Pro-Life Response to Out-of -Wedlock Pregnancies


MiraVia is a Catholic response to the struggle of young women who are single and pregnant. Rather than shame these women or punish them, Belmont Abbey College and two wonderful women, Jeannie Wray and Debbie Capon, one of whom (Ms. Capon) suffered an abortion in her college years, have chosen to respond in mercy, to extend the love and grace of God to these women and their children.

We need more of these types of ministries. When I lived in Austin, TX, I was so impressed with two ministries there associated with by not under the direct authority of the Diocese of Austin called St. Louise House and the John Paul II Life Center and Vitae Clinic.

Named for St. Louise de Marillac, co-foundress with St. Vincent de Paul of the Daughters of Charity and patron saint of social workers, St. Louise House provided shelter for single women and their children for an unlimited amount of time. Because these women were freed from the burden of constantly finding yet another place to stay, St. Louise House gave them to opportunity to focus on doing what needed to be done to break the cycle of poverty and move up and on with their lives. Whether that meant learning a skill, going to school, or finding a job, St. Louise House assisted the young mothers in their charge. The mothers and their children were provided a fully furnished apartment, and when they were on their feet and ready to move out, they took all the furnishings with them, saving them having to dedicate their first paychecks to buying furniture, dishes, pots and pans, etc…

The St. John Paul II Life Center and the Vitae Clinic work with women and couples who are pregnant to create options other than abortion. The Vitae Clinic offers the services of an OB-GYN who will provide pre-natal care and deliver her baby. The John Paul II Life Center offers material support for young women and couples, continuing to provide support well after their baby is born.

I’ve no idea how to get something like this started, nor do I have the resources. But, if anyone does, I would love to speak with you. Many of us, myself included, have women in our lives who were young and pregnant, who either chose to offer their children for adoption, took on the duties of a single mother or, sadly, chose abortion. I am absolutely convinced that many, if not most, women who choose abortion do so because they are convinced they have no other viable option. We need to create those options.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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