A Victory in Vermont


The state of Vermont passed a bill, Act 39, that allows for physician-assisted suicide. If that wasn’t bad enough, the law was being interpreted as mandating that all physicians offer to their terminal patients either information on suicide as an option or a referral to a physician who would. This was an obvious affront to the religious liberty of pro-life physicians, so Alliance Defending Freedom took on their case.

The good news is that the courts of judged that the law cannot be interpreted in such a way as to mandate physicians to offer suicide or refer to a physician who will.

It’s a scary thought when people think that becoming a doctor or a nurse requires one to participate in activities contrary to one’s conscience and religious beliefs. Those people are out there, and they were ready to impose their will on the doctors of Vermont. Happily, they lost — this time.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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