Elijah Lovejoy Alert #5

Rafaela Espinal, far right in red jacket, claims she was fired because she refused to mimic a salute from the movie "Black Panther."

Okay, this is one of the more weird examples of cancel culture I’ve come across. According to a lawsuit filed by long-term Bronx school teacher, Rafaela Espinal, she was fired for refusing to give the “Wakanda forever” salute at a meeting. Ms. Espinal, who is from the Dominican Republic and calls herself Afro-Latina, said she was told that it was inappropriate for her not to participate in the gesture when called on by the then superintendent of Bronx schools Meisha Ross Porter (Ms. Porter has since been promoted). Espinal also claims that she was told by the Bronx Department of Education that she wasn’t “Black enough” and that she should “just learn to be quiet and look pretty.” Ms. Espinol claims that she has never been given an adequate reason for her removal. She is suing the DOE for $40 million.

Firing someone for refusing to give a salute created by a comic book writer? What’s even more interesting is that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Bronx board superintendent Karen Ames claims she was fired for also refusing to give the “Wakanda forever” salute and chastened for sharing about her ethnic background and her grandparent’s suffering during the Holocaust.

We’ve sunk pretty low when people are criticized and fired for refusing to participate in comic book salutes. Sheesh!

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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