Prayers for Haiti

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I don’t pretend to be very familiar with the political situation in Haiti. Like everyone else, I read of the assassination of Haiti’s president, Juvenel Moise, on July 7. Most Americans are unaware of what’s going on in Haiti and don’t see any particular need to educate themselves. That’s unfortunate, since the relationship between Haiti and the United States has waxed and waned over the decades and no country, not even the poorest in the Western hemisphere, exists in a vacuum. What happens in Haiti could very well have an impact on the United States. Haiti’s recent political history is one marred by dictatorship, corruption, violent security forces, and gang warfare. An unstable state barely 700 miles from Miami in North America would not bode well for anyone.

Forbes magazine and Human Rights Watch both offer summaries of the situation in Haiti in recent years.

The Pillar, an online Catholic media outlet, offers an interview with Fr. Louis Merosne, rector of the Cathedral of St. Anne in Anse-à-Veau, Haiti, on the role of the Church in Haiti and the spiritual impact of recent events on the people of his country, as well as ideas on how others can provide meaningful help, including parish twinning (where an American parish “twins” with a parish in Haiti, offering financial and spiritual support), and Fr. Louis’ own Mission To The Beloved.

A Prayer for Haiti

Gracious and loving God over all creation,
We pray this day for the country and people of Haiti. You
created them in your image, and made in them a longing for
liberty. They led the Americas in the struggle against slavery,
and, though they were the first to win lasting freedom, their
struggles have never ceased. As you heard the cry of Hagar in
the wilderness, we give you thanks that you have heard the cry
of your people of Haiti calling out for justice.
Bring healing and prosperity to Haiti, Lord God, and protect
her from those who would abuse her. Let her sorrows cease
and her joy abound. Let her generosity be known in all the
lands, and her glad songs of freedom be heard to the ends of
the earth.
And to us, O God—we who hold Haiti in our hearts—give to us
the humble spirit that you gave to Naaman. Let us lay aside our
armor of defensiveness and pride, and come before the people
of Haiti with open hearts and open hands. Show us how to
bless them by our prayers, our aid, and our resources, and let
us receive from them a blessing in our hearts. Teach us to do
justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with you, O God, that we
can stand before you unashamed, hand in hand with our
Haitian brothers and sisters.

Source: Prayers For Haiti – Powerful & Uplifting Words For Prayer (

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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