Moloch Must Be Very Pleased

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I have written here before on how transgenderism and gender ideology represent assaults on the transcendentals of truth, goodness, and beauty. A recent video featured on a program called “9 months with Courtney Cox” demonstrates that they are also assaults on children.

The video introduces us to Ahanu, a woman who insists she’s a man, and Petrona, a man who insists he’s a woman. Ahanu gives birth to a child (the article doesn’t inform us on who the father is). After being born, the child is given to Petrona, who attempts to nurse the child at his breast. Petrona informs us that the baby latched on, as newborns will do to almost anything that comes close to the shape of a woman’s nipple but, to no one’s surprise (except, possibly, Petrona and Ahanu’s), the baby is not getting any milk. Petrona says, “The baby has been able to latch. But I’ve not been able to produce any milk. That’s okay, because I’m going to supplement the feeding with formula so that my baby is still getting the nutrients that they need, but I’m still feeling hopeful.”

No, Petrona is not going to “supplement the feeding” with formula. By definition, to supplement a feeding there has to be a feeding to supplement. Happily, at least for the nourishment of the child, Petrona is not living so much of a fantasy that he actually believes he is producing milk, so the baby will not starve. Yet, he says he’s still hopeful. Hopeful of what? Hopeful that he’ll someday produce breast milk? Hope is not what’s needed for Petrona to produce breastmilk. What’s needed are functioning mammary glands, and Petrona has no hope of having those. Ahuna, sadly, has removed her mammary glands surgically, so her breasts are no longer available to nurse the baby.

The normalization of mental illness is allowing men and women to play out their gender dysphoric fantasies. Men who believe they’re women are being allowed to call themselves women, act like women, and be treated like women, and the expectation is that our society will allow this and our laws will mandate it. The same is true for women who believe they are men. Horrible results of this, so far, are that some men have exploited these expectations to put themselves in places where they can manipulate or abuse women and girls, some women and girls have lost out on opportunities in education and sports that have been taken by men and boys who insist they’re female, and gender dysphoria is being pushed on children. Now, we see how this is abusive of children being raised by couples playing out these fantasies. Men are insisting on being “mothers,” and women are surrendering their natural abilities and responsibilities as mothers to men who cannot provide them. Does anyone really, honestly believe that anything good will come of this? Does anyone expect that people who are sane will stand by while those who demand acceptance of their dysphoric fantasies and their “allies” pretend that this is normal and healthy? Is there anyone who believes that any chance of this baby growing to be a physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually well child and then adult is not already wrecked?

Is there anyone watching out for the welfare of this child? What happens when Petrona becomes increasingly frustrated at his inability to produce breastmilk and, perhaps, convinces himself that this is because he is “supplementing” the baby’s “feedings” with formula, so he attempts to induce the production of breastmilk by no longer supplementing and relying entirely on attempts to nurse the baby? You don’t think he’ll convince himself of this? He’s already a man who’s convinced himself that he’s a woman. He’s already a man who’s hopeful of one day producing breast milk. I should think that convincing himself that the formula he’s giving his baby is impeding his production of breast milk is an easy leap in consideration of the leaps he’s already made. Of course, this is only speculation, but it does beg the question: Who is watching out for the welfare of this child? Because, clearly, Petrona and Ahuna are too caught up in their own self-aggrandizing gender dysphoria fantasies to be much focused on what is best for the baby. What is best for the baby was given up on long ago. This baby is nothing more than a means to fulfill the fantasies of these very disturbed adults. How many children will be sacrificed for the sake of these fantasies?

Moloch must be very pleased.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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