Bad News Biden

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No one who reads this blog will mistake me for a fan of President Joe Biden or most of his policies. But even I am amazed at the number of bad decisions this administration has made, the crises it seems incapable of managing, or the threats to constitutional rights it champions.

Since Biden became president, we have seen:

policies that are compromising the energy independence of the United States and favoring China;

a continued dramatic rise in violent crime in our cities accompanied by continued calls from progressive Democrats to defund the police;

economic policies that are driving inflation;

a border crisis of unprecedented proportions;

an executive order promoting Critical Race Theory;

a budget proposal that eliminates the Hyde Amendment, forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions;

a decision by the CDC ignoring a Supreme Court ruling;

threats to religious liberty represented by the so-called Equality Act;

a bill introduced to pack the Supreme Court;

a new surge in coronavirus cases. (For the record, I don’t necessarily blame Biden for the surge in coronavirus, but since he was so emphatic in blaming Trump for coronavirus during the campaign, it only seems right to mention this.)

And now we have the horror of the Afghanistan fiasco. Biden’s speech defending his decision to pull our troops out of Afghanistan was not especially helpful, in my mind. He hid behind a Trump administration promise to remove troops from Afghanistan, despite the fact that Biden has had no inhibitions about doing away with many Trump administration policies. So, why was this one so sacrosanct? In any case, even if the decision to pull our troops out of Afghanistan was the right one, the way it was carried out was disastrous. Biden chose to remove our military before he closed the U. S. embassy and removed all American civilians and Afghan supporters of the U. S. This has put thousands in danger now that the Taliban has taken over the country. Biden’s cluelessness about the prospects of the Taliban taking over the country represents a serious lack of awareness for one who is the supposed leader of the free world.

What is this country going to look like this time next year, or three and a half years from now? After only seven months of a Biden administration, the picture looks pretty dismal.

We must pray for our country. We must pray for our president. We must pray for all those impacted by his decisions and policies.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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