Olympian Auctions Medal for Baby’s Surgery

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Maria Andrejczyk

Polish Olympian and bronze medal winner for javelin Maria Andrejczyk learned of Miłoszek Małysa, an 8 month old baby who needed heart surgery. So, she auctioned off the bronze medal she won at the Tokyo Olympics to the highest bidder to raise money for the baby’s surgery.

Zabka Polska, a convenience store chain in Poland, won the auction with a bid of $125,000. Then, the store chain told Andrejczyk she could keep the medal.

Andrejczyk, 25 years old, has had her own struggle with cancer. She placed fourth in the Rio Olympics in 2016, but fought back against the cancer to compete in Tokyo.

There is a lot of bad news in this world, so I thought today we all deserved to hear a some good news. Little Miłoszek will get her surgery. Andrejczyk will keep her medal. The owners of Zabka Polska have won the hearts of their countrymen. All is well in this small corner of the world.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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