What Could Go Wrong?

The Department of Homeland Security has created a Disinformation Governance Board (DGB) to protect Americans and prospective migrants from Russian and drug cartel disinformation campaigns. DHS said on Wednesday that, “The spread of disinformation can affect border security, Americans’ safety during disasters, and public trust in our democratic institutions.”

The newly formed Board says it will begin their efforts on disinformation passed on by drug cartels that, they claim, is contributing to the surge of illegal immigrants trying to cross over into the U. S. The cartels spread this disinformation to drum up business for themselves, as migrants are a prime target for the cartels and often subject to being manipulated by the cartels into passing drugs over the Mexican border into the U. S. The cartels are also heavy into human trafficking.

The Board will also target disinformation spread by Russia for the purpose of justifying its invasion of Ukraine and providing cover for war crimes. The Board will also counter disinformation spread by Russia toward the upcoming midterm elections. The Board will be led by “disinformation expert” Nina Jankowicz. Jankowicz has studied Russian disinformation tactics and online harassment.

A government agency is created to monitor information spread across social media and traditional news organizations with the purpose of shutting down disinformation toward the goal of protecting Americans from fake news, especially as regards the situation on the southern border and the midterm elections. Golly, what could go wrong?

I don’t think DHS could have come up with a more Orwellian name than “Disinformation Governance Board” if they tried. Maybe they did try. Maybe that was the whole point. Maybe their thinking was to make it sound as dystopian as possible, and people might think, “No, they couldn’t possibly … could they? It’s too obvious!”

After celebrating the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, who calls himself a “free speech absolutist,” and optimistically expecting less censorship of conservatives and a more open market for the free exchange of ideas on what Musk calls America’s “de facto town square,” Republican politicians, conservatives, and free speech advocates are suspicious of DHS’s motives in the creation of the DGB. Who will decide what constitutes “disinformation”? Who will decide who or what gets shut down? Will the process be transparent? Sen. Josh Hawley (R – MO) tweeted, “Rather than police our border, Homeland Security has decided to make policing Americans’ speech its top priority. They’re creating a Disinformation Board.”

Conservatives have raised alarms among their numbers, too, about the choice of Nina Jankowicz to lead the DGB. They accuse Ms. Jankowicz of being less than enthusiastic about free speech protections and biased against conservatives, having dismissed the Hunter Biden laptop as a Russian ruse, praised Christopher Steele’s insights on disinformation, and said she “shudders to think about” what it will mean when Musk takes over Twitter.

Honestly, the whole thing sounds rather “Ministry of Truth”ish to me. The Biden administration already has most of the mainstream media in its corner working to protect it from Biden’s own missteps, gaffes, and mental decline, and pushing his agenda like it was an arm of the DNC. On top of that, Big Tech has been hard at work covering for the president and suppressing his critics. Now, Biden’s DHS has created a Board that will monitor and suppress “disinformation” for the purpose of “protecting” the American people. The truth as presented by your government!

Again, what could go wrong? Sheesh!

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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