Attacks by Pro-Abortionists Continue

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Attacks from pro-abortion vandals protesting the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade continue against Catholic Churches and pro-life pregnancy help centers. According to the Catholic League, there were sixteen such attacks over the four days after the SCOTUS ruling came out. The Catholic Leagues lists the following:

June 24 – Life Choices, a pro-life pregnancy help center in Longmont, CO, suffered fire and smoke damage. Graffiti was spray-painted on the clinic reading, “Bans off our bodies,” and “If abortions aren’t safe neither are you.”

June 24 – Guardian Angel Church in Brooklyn, NY was spray-painted with pro-abortion messages, including, “Pro Choice,” “Separation Btwn Church + State,” and “Keep Yu Laws Off My Body.”

June 24 – A statue and sanctuary dedicated to the unborn victims of abortion was defaced at Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church in Algiers, LA.

June 25 – Mother + Child Education Center, in Portland, OR was damaged by a mob, along with several adjacent businesses and vehicles.

June 25 – Jane’s Revenge, a pro-abortion domestic terrorist network, spray-painted “Your time is up” and “We’re coming for U” on LifeChoice Pregnancy Center in Winter Haven, FL.

June 25 – Jane’s Revenge spray-painted and broke windows at Tree of Life Pregnancy Center in Paso Robles, CA.

June 25 – Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Lynchburg, VA was attacked by vandals who broke windows and spray-painted “If abortion aint safe you aint safe.”

June 25 – St. Anthony Catholic Church in Renton, WA was attacked by vandals who broke stained-glass windows and stole money from collection boxes. The damage and losses amounted to almost $30,000.

June 25 – A memorial cross for aborted babies in South Bend, IN was vandalized.

June 26 – Jane’s Revenge terrorists spray-painted “If abortions aren’t safe neither are you xoxo Jane” on the sign of All Saints Catholic Church in Portland, OR.

June 26 – St. Coleman Catholic Church in Shady Spring, WV, built in 1878 and recognized as a National Historic Site, was burned to the ground by an arsonist.

June 26 – A statue of the Virgin Mary was toppled and two statues of angels were stolen from St. Anthony Catholic Church in Harlington, TX.

June 26 – arsonists tried to set fire to St. John Neumann Catholic Community Church in Reston, VA and spray-painted graffiti on the church entrance.

June 26 – vandals defaced Heart to Heart Pregnancy Center in Cortez, CO.

June 27 – Pro-abortion graffiti was spray-painted on the doors of Church of the Ascension in New York, NY.

June 27 – Pro-abortion protesters vandalized the sign of St. Therese of the Little Flower Catholic Church in South Bend, IN.

In addition to this list provided by the Catholic League, St. Bernard Catholic Church in Madison, WI was spray-painted by pro-abortion vandals on July 2.

There has rarely been a time in the history of the Church when Catholics have not had to face persecution or prejudice in some way, shape, or form. These times, however, seem to be particularly pernicious. The Church is genuinely suffering in countries like China, Nigeria, and in the Middle East, where Catholics face daily risk of imprisonment or martyrdom. Here in the United States, of course, these types of sufferings are rare. But the Church has been targeted, nonetheless, for the past sins of her members and for her steadfast confession of faith in the dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Because of the selective reporting of the mainstream media, the abuse of children by priests is believed to be more widespread than in other organizations or professional groups and still a horror the Church has refused to address. Because of the Church’s dedication to the intrinsic dignity of every person, the perception is that the Church’s political machinations are the reason Roe v. Wade was overturned. As such, the Church is targeted and that targeting is perceived as justified in the minds of those distressed by, confused over, and maddened by the Church’s moral doctrine on life. We ought not expect otherwise.

We must remain faithful. There are too many Catholics, even priests, religious and, in some cases, bishops, who are too willing to compromise the Church’s faith and morals, too willing to accommodate the prevailing culture. They claim that the Church’s teaching on justice, equality, and respect for all persons demands toleration or even acceptance of actions contrary to God’s revealed truth in Christ. They claim that following Jesus’ example of love demands that we embrace not only the sinner but the sin, as well. It has always been such. There have always been those who demanded too much or too little of the faithful. There have always been those who insisted on placing on the souls of their confreres burdens God and the Church do not place. There have always been those who’s interpretation of a “pastoral response” has been to live and let live, to let me live in my sin and you live in yours. There have always been those who thought the Church owed them the grace of the sacraments by virtue of their merit, as if they were doing God and the Church a favor by showing up. There have always been those who insisted on living life on their terms and dared God to refuse them their mansion.

It will not always be this way. The great and terrible day of the LORD will separate the sheep and the goats, the wheat from the chaff. Pray God to remain faithful. Pray God to convert the hearts of those who are lost, and our hearts, too, for we are lost. We are all lost. It is by God’s grace that we are saved, and He is eager to pour out His grace on those with hearts in need of healing. Thanks be to God for His generosity. Thanks be to God that His justice is mercy.

Be Christ for all. Bring Christ to all. See Christ in all.

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